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-Honolulu Zoo-
Come and see up close Hawaii's best wild park. They have fun, up close and informative exhibits for the whole family. Come see thousands of different animals up close like never before at the Honolulu Zoo.


The Honolulu Zoo has thousands of different creatures and exhibits to learn about them. Each animal they have facts and information about the animals physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, diet, reproduction & growth and fun facts about the animal. 

The park has American Flamingos, the most colorful and well known types of Flamingos. They have African Crowned Cranes, who are considered "living fossils" since their ancestors date back to over 38 million years ago. 

The African Spoonbill is home to the park, and these birds use their unique bill as a scythe when fishing for food. The park King Vultures, who eat the remains of decaying animals.

The Park has a wide verity of mammals that live in the park. Everything from the pink Aardvark or "earth pig" to the Black handed Spider monkey. They even have endangered Black Rhinoceros, and fierce Sumatran Tigers. 
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright


Some of the other animals in the park include; Warthogs who love burrowing in their habitats.  They also have Hamardy Baboons, now extinct in the Nile region by Egypt. 

 The park is also home to a verity of reptiles; They have the Blue-Tongued Skink, it's bright blue tongue is used to startle and distract predators. They have the unique Gharail, similar to its cousin the crocodile, this creature has a longer and narrower snout. 

They also have brightly colored Iguanas, these Iguanas change colors and hues depending on temperature. There are also Matamata Turtles, native to Brazil with their unique heads and pointed nose. 

Come visit the Honolulu park, they have got tons of fun and educational exhibits to visit. From giant mammals, exotic birds and slimy reptiles the park is perfect for the whole family. To learn more about the park check their website.