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-Sea Life Park-
Sea Life Park is a combination aquarium, marine mammal park, and bird sanctuary. The park has a number of exhibits, including the Hawaiian Reef Aquarium, Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat, and marine Bird Sanctuary. In addition, the park supports several interactive programs that allow visitors to meet the inhabitants, up close and personal. And, after a day of enjoying the exhibits and programs, stick around for the Ka Moana Lu'au, an authentic oceanfront lu'au. You'll be glad you did!
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Exhibits and Habitats

At Sea Life Park's many exhibits, you have the opportunity to observe the behaviors of a variety of animals in their natural habitats.

One popular exhibit is the Hawaiian Reef Aquarium. This is a 300,000 gallon aquarium that houses more than 2,000 varieties of reef animals. You can learn more about the aquarium by taking part in the Aquarium Insider's Tour, where you help the park aquarist make his or her rounds.

Another interesting exhibit is the Discovery Reef Touch Pool, which is especially appropriate for small children. Your family will be able to touch various forms of sea life, including sea stars, urchins, and baby green sea turtles.

Call or email Sea Life Park for more information on these, and other, exhibits and habitats.

Interactive Programs

These programs, as the name implies, allow you to actually interact with the park's animals in their natural environments.

For instance, you can take part in the Shark Encounter Adventure Tour. This is a seven-hour adventure, during which you don scuba gear and swim into a shark-infested underwater cave. You'll find yourself surrounded by whitetip reef sharks, sandbar sharks, sting rays, surgeon fish, and other very, very large fish. No diving experience is required, but it couldn't hurt.

For something less intense, you can try the Hawaiian Reef Encounter, where snorkels replace scuba tanks and a shallow lagoons replace an underwater caves. Of course, you'll still be surrounded by sharks, sting rays, and a variety of fish, so...

Numerous other interactive programs are offered at Sea Life Park. Contact the park for more information on activities, times, and prices. 

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